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Welcome to the Kirkton Energy Park project website.

Wind2 are developing proposals for an energy park on land located approximately 3km to the south of Melvich in Sutherland, within the Highland Council local authority area. The Kirkton Energy Park will comprise up to 11 wind turbines at 149.9m tip height, with an installed wind energy capacity of approx. 53 megawatts (MW), 20MW of battery storage, and associated infrastructure.

Supplementary Environmental Information (SEI) has been submitted to the Scottish Government's Energy Consents Unit in October 2023 to support the Kirkton Energy Park Section 36 application (which was submitted in November 2022). The SEI has been prepared in order to provide an updated assessment of the amendments to the proposed development (relocation of Turbine No.7 and realignment of a section of track) and to address a number of consultee responses. The Highland Council have requested an update to the cumulative assessment within the 2022 EIA Report, and also an assessment of the potential impacts of the proposed development on the Candidate Flow Country World Heritage Site – the SEI addresses these requests.

Notice of the SEI submission will be advertised in The Northern Times and The Edinburgh Gazette on 27th October 2023. The notice will provide instruction on how the public can view and comment on the SEI. The public will be able to comment on the application until 1st December 2023 (this will be set out in the press advert). This notice can be viewed be clicking on the link below:

Additional Information Kirkton S36 Public Notice October 2023

The number of turbines, turbine dimensions and anticipated installed Megawatt (MW) capacity remain unchanged from the Section 36 application made in November 2022.

The SEI documentation will be uploaded to view online on the ECU portal (https://www.energyconsents.sco...), and the documentation can also be viewed on the 'Project Info' page of this website. Hard copies of the full application will also be available for public inspection, free of charge during the consultation period (starting 27th October 2023) at the Highland Council Wick Office, the Halladale Inn and in the Thurso Library.

With staff based in the Highlands, Perthshire and Edinburgh, as well as Wales and England, the Wind2 team has significant expertise in renewable energy and a track record of successfully developing onshore wind projects throughout the UK. Kirkton Wind Farm Limited is part of a joint venture between Wind2 and companies managed by Octopus Energy Generation.

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